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Pre-Conference Workshop Session

Michele Norris, PCC

Session Topic:Transformational Leadership for the Future at Work

We are in a seller’s market for Talent in 2019. Everyday, organizations are competing for the
best talent to come work with them.

What is the key to attracting, retaining, and developing that talent?
What is the key for engaging the 7 out of the 10 workers Gallup reports are disenfranchised
with their jobs?

The answer is the simple one-two punch, culture and leadership. Leadership usually is the most
critical reason that people report leaving organizations. They leave their boss, not the job or
the organization.

Michele Norris has been studying this phenomenon since she left corporate America in 2008
and formed Navigen Leadership, LLC. After epically failing to retain Millennials in the early
2000’s she began to research what was going to happen demographically in the workplace.
That led to further research about how the massive generational shift was going to change the
way work gets done.

The leadership values and traits today’s workforce crave are different than what we have been
used to in the past few decades. This change in expectations has led to disengagement,
disillusion and a lack of trust with leaders. Do you know leaders who are struggling to retain

In this workshop you will learn the five key leadership traits your organizational leaders need to
build trust with today’s workforce. You will learn the most important indicator of
transformational leaders and the number one reason for leadership failure. This is an
interactive, fun, innovative and eye opening workshop that promises light bulb moments for
changing the way you think about how you or those you work with lead.

Transformational Leadership for The Future @ Work

  • Your Ideal Leader
  • Opening Exercise-
  •            How do I react when I connect with someone?
  •            How do I react when I disconnect with someone?
  • Why this Topic? Why Now?
  • A Review of the Generations
  • A Review of the Generational Strengths and Why We Need Each Other
  • Values & Leadership Traits for the Future @ Work
  • The Leadership Trust Equation for the Future @ Work

Key Learning Objectives

  • Why Transformational Leadership is Necessary for The Future @ Work
  • How work is evolving
  • How to attract, retain and develop talent in The Future @ Work
  • Why the demographic changes have impacted The Future @ Work
  • The Values and Leadership Traits for The Future @ Work
  • Review of Generational strengths and why we are dependent on each other
  • Traits of Transformational Leaders (including Trust and Emotional Intelligence)
  • Self-Awareness and reframing how we see others
  • Appreciation for other perspectives

Velma Knowles, MBA, CME


TOPIC: “Uncovering the Valuable Leader in You” 

Session Time: 9:45AM - 10:45AM

Session Information:
I’m sure you have read more than enough leadership books and taken enough courses that, well you could write a book on it. Yet, as a leader, you are faced with more challenges than anyone should have to shoulder. Leading in today’s environment, well, let’s just face it, it’s hard work. After all, being a leader is about leading people, influencing followers, achieving results and so much more. Leaders who value others gain greater growth, value and influence themselves. Whether you are a seasoned leader or an emerging one, you’ll be able to find your inspiration and energy to be the leader everyone wants to follow (not has to follow) – after all, that’s really what leadership is all about. Learn the seven (7) easy steps to become the Valuable Leader!

Workplace Application:
Attendees will learn the practical steps for enhancing and improving their leadership skills in an
interactive fun and easy to understand format.

Learning Objectives:
Attendees will:

  • Identify the 7 steps to leadership 
  • Define your gaps in leading others 
  • Learn how to respond to leadership challenges 
  • Learn ho to apply each step for greater growth  


Sherri Sutton, CPLP


TOPIC: “Performing with Purpose”

Session Time: 9:45AM - 10:45AM 

Session Information:
Human Capital is what makes companies great. The product or service the company offers is only available because of the people who deliver it, yet a Gallup study (Jan-June 2018) identified only 34% of US workers are engaged, and that is the highest percentage in Gallup’s history. If we want employees to connect to our vision and mission, we need to train them to Perform with Purpose. When we focus on
giving the employees the tools necessary to truly understand how and why their critical job functions matter, and we have leaders who know how to lead them, then we can move the whole-system to success. The EARN Method: Perform with Focus will be published in March, 2019, and is written to help employees and HR Professionals learn to focus not only on EARNing higher wages, but also to create better relationships, have fulfilling work, and connect with the vision/mission of their organization.

Key learning objectives or key "tak-aways' for the Presentation:

Importance of training front-line employees how to manage:
• Critical functions
• Critical relationships
• Training and documentation of their job functions
• Evaluation of their performance All forms discussed are available on our website.

Three core areas that this presentation addresses:

• Whole-system learning and development
• Performance evaluation and metrics
• Empowered employees
• Buy-in from all levels 

Paula Humberg, MBA, SHRM-SCP


TOPIC: “Peace Talks: Navigating Through the World  of Conflict in the Workplace”

Session Time: 9:45AM - 10:45AM

Session Information:
As HR professionals, conflict is inevitable. Whether it exists between employees, with
managers, with executives or even internally, conflict left unresolved can lead to lost production,
absences, attrition, violence and even law suits. This interactive talk will:

1. Teach participants to recognize the causes of workplace conflicts.
2. Explain how differences in communication styles can produce tense situations.
3. Suggest solutions for managing cultural expectations and differences.
4. Provide multiple tactics for better listening.
5. Give participants an arsenal of techniques for managing tough conversations.

Key Learning Objectives:
1. Dealing with conflict effectively requires a shift in mindset. Turn conflict into collaboration.
2. Develop a win-win framework for negotiating a resolution.
3. Recognizing your reactive behaviors and how they are triggered will keep you ahead of the
4. There is value in diverse relationships and healthy conflict has a role to play in it.

Core Areas Addressed:
Conflict Resolution
Diversity Communication


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